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Date Title Source
16.10.2019 香港測量師學會 對《2019施政報告》的回應 (Chinese only) The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
11.09.2019 News in Focus《建築的事 之 義工運動:建義勇為當仁不讓 鐵漢巾幗燃亮社區》(Chinese Version Only) Ming Pao
31.05.2019 Concession for gross floor area for buildings adopting Modulated Integrated Construction (Press Release) HKSAR Government
29.05.2019 MiC Strategy Paper Launch Event - Modularisation for Modernisation: A Strategy Paper Rethinking Hong Kong Construction (Press Release) The University of Hong Kong
15.05.2019 Secretary for Labour & Welfare Dr. LAW Chi Kwong visits MiC Display Centre (Press Release) Construction Industry Council
15.03.2019 Chief Executive Mrs. Carrie LAM visits MiC Display Centre (Press Release) Construction Industry Council
15.03.2019 CE visits MiC Display Centre (Press Release) HKSAR Government
13.01.2019 Financial Secretary's Blog "Modular Integrated Construction" HKSAR Government
09.01.2019 Financial Secretary Mr. Paul CHAN visits MiC Display Centre (Press Release) Construction Industry Council
09.01.2019 News in Focus《建築的事 之 建造業創科應用中心:推動業界應用創新科技 保平安 增效益》(Chinese Version Only) Ming Pao
14.11.2018 News in Focus《 建築的事 之 女性力量:建造業女強人 擔大旗展所長》(Chinese Version Only) Ming Pao
10.10.2018 News in Focus《建築的事 之 建造業創科基金:十億基金導航 推動建造業創新》(Chinese Version Only) Ming Pao
24.09.2018 Construction Industry Council supports Modular Integrated Construction (Press Release) Construction Industry Council
24.09.2018 First Modular Integrated Construction pilot project commences (Press Release) HKSAR Government
19.09.2018 Pre-accepted Modular Integrated Construction Systems / Components (Steel MiC Systems) Buildings Department
13.06.2018 News in Focus《建築的事 之 領袖峰會:建造業2.0 X 年青 專業》(Chinese Version Only) Ming Pao
12.05.2018 “Modular Integrated Construction” (MiC) Robotics Competition Unleashes Students’ Potential in STEM (Press Release) Construction Industry Council
09.05.2018 News in Focus《建築的事 之 組裝合成法:組裝樓宇建築法 環保省時又安全》(Chinese Version Only) Ming Pao
24.04.2018 International Conference on Modular Integrated Construction Concluded with Great Success (Press Release) Construction Industry Council

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