On-The-Job Training Scheme

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) has continuously offered various training courses and subsidy schemes in order to provide official training to the new entrants and contribute to the construction industry. Since 2010, the CIC has introduced the Enhanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme (ECMTS) and other relevant Cooperative Training Schemes to attract suitable calibres to join the industry especially trades that are facing manpower shortage.

To enhance the employment opportunities and continuous training for graduates of the Training Schemes, the CIC has launched the “On-the-job Training Scheme” (OJTS) in August 2013. Through offering subsidy, this scheme aims at encouraging employers to provide on-the-job training and at the same time continuously hire graduates with lesser working experience.

Employer must employ and sign employment contracts with qualified graduates within 3 months upon graduation, submit the completed OJTS application form, photocopies of the employment contract, training syllabus, references of qualified trainers and relevant documents to the CIC.

After approval of the application, the employer shall sign an agreement with the CIC. The effective day of the relevant training syllabus and the subsidy should be the first day of the following month after the approval. The subsidy period is 6 months. Employers must arrange an appropriate on-the-job training to the graduates for 18 months continuously starting from the signing of the employment contract.

Scheme Information