Senior Workers Registration Arrangement

The senior workers registration arrangement ended on 30 September 2016.

In preparation for the implementation of “designated workers for designated skills” provision in April 2017, the senior workers registration arrangement was established to allow workers who possessed at least 10 years’ relevant skilled work experience before 1 April 2015, to register as skilled workers of related trade divisions. Applicants were not required to take trade tests.

This one-off arrangement was launched during the 18 months (1 April 2015-30 September 2016) after the “Construction Workers Registration (Amendments) Ordinance” taken effective.

Information about the Senior Workers Registration Arrangement

List of Authorised Trade Unions Verifying Work Experience and Providing Assessment

List of Authorised Trade Unions Verifying Work Experience Only

List of Trade Divisions Available for Registration through Senior Workers Registration Arrangement

Registration of Other Relevant Trade Divisions

Worker who meet the registration requirements of their principal trade divisions and the requirements listed in the “List of Work Experience Requirements on Other Relevant and Specified Trade Divisions” were eligible to apply for the skilled workers registration of the principle trade division and other relevant trade division(s) concurrently. Application of registration of principle trade and the other trade division(s) should be made at the same time.

Assessment Fee

Workers possess 10 years' relevant work experience before 1 April 2015 but have less than 6 years' relevant work experience before 29 December 2005 are categorised as Group 2 Senior Workers. They are required to take assessment for the application for registration through the senior workers registration arrangement. The fee for each assessment is HK$50.

Points to note : Group 2 Senior Workers Assessment

Civil and Building Works

Electrical and Mechanical Works

Please note:

The senior workers registration arrangement is not applicable to trade divisions with special registration requirements such as those require possession of relevant qualifications under other ordinances.

Workers can take trade tests and get a pass to obtain the qualification for registration as Registered Skilled/Semi-skilled Workers. Enquiry and enrolment of trade tests: 2100 9000

Enquiries about Senior Workers Registration: 2873 1911