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Construction Industry Resource Centre

Docent Tour

RC is providing a free docent tour service to governmental departments, private organisations, school and social welfare organisations. Docent tour presents the background and history, architectural characteristics of exhibits as well as the contents by demonstrating the operations of simulators and interesting simulating games. Discovery programs and recruitment talk on trainings and career development are also available for visitors to explore their own potential and interest to join the construction industry.

Interested parties, please download the Visit Application Form or Register now for visit applicationto enjoy our service!

1.     The appointment will be served on a “first come-first served” basis
2.     All applications shall be submitted at least 7 days in advance. Our representative will contact you for the confirmation of visit date and time
3.     The Centre reserves all rights to reject any application without giving reasons and approval for the application is subject to the final decision of the Centre
4.     Please contact us at 2100 9588 for further enquiry