Student Ambassador

The Scheme aims to nurture students’ awareness of eco-building design and technologies and low carbon living through providing them with training workshops. It expects to empower young people with skills, knowledge and confidence so as to motivate them to take control of their own carbon footprint, hence, making changes at home, at school and in the society, in order to build a low carbon community.

Target participants Primary 3 – Universities
  • Training workshop on low / zero carbon building design technologies.
  • Tour of ZCB
  • Further on-duty training by assisting in ZCB guided tours
  • Opportunities to learn about the latest low/zero carbon building design and technologies and low carbon living concepts
  • Opportunities to enhance presentation and communication skills and self-esteem
  • Opportunities to realise the aspirations to promote low/zero carbon buildings and low carbon living concepts to the public
ZCB Expectations of Ambassadors
  • To attend the training session to learn about low/zero carbon building design and technologies and low carbon living concepts
  • To assist in ZCB guided tours and ZCB events
  • To actively participate in the environmental programmes of their schools or universities
  • To spread what is learned from participating the Scheme to their schools, universities and social circle
Commitment of Student Ambassador Student Ambassadors are expected to comply with the “Carbon Code of Practice” and develop environmental habits. Student Ambassadors are encouraged to make reference of the ZCB Student Ambassador Handbook to acquire environmental knowledge and take the lead to inspire or motivate others to reduce carbon emissions!

Download ZCB Student Ambassador Handbook

Performance Recognition

Committed Student Ambassadors will be acknowledged for their environmental activities. Each environmental activity will be assigned a number of carbon points and Student Ambassador will receive an award when they earn a certain number of carbon points.

Download Self Assessment Report

Certificate of Recognition
A certificate will be awarded to Ambassadors who have attained at least 5 Carbon Points.

Outstanding ZCB Student Ambassador Awards
Carbon Points can be accumulated over the years. Student Ambassadors who have fulfilled the requirements stated below will be awarded the Outstanding ZCB Student Ambassador Awards.

Platinum Award
  • Attain not less than 100 Carbon Points.
Gold Award
  • Attain not less than 60 Carbon Points
Silver Award
  • Attain not less than 40 Carbon Points
  • Attain not less than 20 Carbon Points
Travel Subsidy

Student Ambassadors will be paid a travel subsidy of HK$100 for each time/day they conduct or assist in conducting ZCB guided tours or help in ZCB events

How To Join?
  • Online
    Please click here to complete and submit the online enrollment form
  • Email or Fax
    Please click here to download the enrollment form and submit the completed form via to us by email or fax