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ᐅ 2023.05.17 Fast Paced Construction Industrialisation Indemnificatory Housing Project in Zhangkeng Proves Advantages of High Productivity Construction

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) continues to seize opportunities for the industry to further improve. While the Mainland construction industry has made tremendous progress, it is worthwhile to take reference from their success. Joined by representatives from various industries, Ir Thomas HO, Chairman of the CIC led the CIC Greater Bay Area High Productivity Construction Visit to China State Construction Hailong Technology Company Limited (Hailong) and its benchmark indemnificatory housing project in Zhangkeng, Longhua District, Shenzhen. The delegation witnessed the project team’s efforts towards construction industrialisation and high productivity construction.


One-stop MiC Adoption Service Smart and Automated Factory to Speed Up Production

Named the first National Prefabricated Building Industrialization Base and National High-tech Enterprise, Hailong specialises in advanced construction methods. It provides comprehensive modular integrated construction (MiC) services and products, ranging from design, research and development, production, testing and installation, promoting national development in high productivity construction. The delegation visited its production base in Zhuhai, which showcases show flats of past projects including an international hotel in Baguang, Shenzhen which completed construction in only 124 days, the multi-welfare services complex in Kwu Tung North which will be the first project in Hong Kong to adopt concrete MiC, implying the capability of Hailong in leading the era of prefabricated construction 4.0.

The factory has nine production lines, the one producing standard modules is fully automated. Hailong designed and developed another automated production lines for steel structure MiC modules, which utilised automatic welding robots and automatic spraying unit to enhance efficiency and accuracy, which is also beneficial in establishing a safer and more environmentally friendly working environment.

Hailong is also flexible in terms of MiC application, the Chinese Medicine Hospital in Tseung Kwan O which is expected to commence service in 2025 is using two types of MiC modules, steel structure MiC for the wards, concrete MiC for electrical and mechanical facilities as required by fire safety regulations. Mr. David YAO, Deputy General Manager of Hailong, said that their design development can help reduce costs and allow clients to meet project’s needs. Hailong focuses on enhancing automation level and fabricating a smarter factory, Mr. HUNG Cheung-shew, Chairman and President of China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited added that Hailong advocates to design for MiC and standardise modules that allows mass production in factory. This could reduce cost as well as enhance quality, he envisions to build housing units the same way as building cars in near future.

Ir Thomas Ho, our Chairman applauds the vision and contributions of Hailong in promoting construction industrialisation, as well as praises their focus on sustainable development, as they monitor carbon emission through their digital management platform which contributes to the national carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

Indemnificatory Housing Project in Zhangkeng Establishes New Chapter of Speed and Efficiency

The CIC GBA High Productivity Construction delegates also visited the indemnificatory housing project in Zhangkeng, Longhua district, Shenzhen, built by Hailong and China Overseas Construction Limited. It is the first high-rise indemnificatory housing project built expeditiously by concrete MiC. It also achieved the highest industrialisation level and fastest building speed among similar projects, the construction period is only one year, one third of that by conventional construction method.

Mr. Kevin TSUI, Project Manager of China Overseas Construction Limited introduced that the project composes five buildings and consists of 6,028 MiC modules. The construction processes of the modules were completed in factory and installed on site. Only four days are required to finish the installation and furnishing for each floor. The installation procedure have already been completed in the mid of April, expecting to provide 2,740 units. Mr. Yann GUO, Director of Smart Construction of China Overseas Construction Limited said that the team adopted building information modelling (BIM) in the whole building life cycle and eases difficulties. This includes coordinating with trades to avoid clashes in design stage; allowing factory to produce and furnish modules accordingly to standards reflected in the model; and clearing uncertainty in connecting water and electricity pipelines within modules for swift and accurate installation.

Hailong and China Overseas Construction Limited are dedicated to achieve smart construction by adopting an array of efficient and industrialised construction methods. They also attach great importance in management by adopting C-SMART management platform for smart site integrated management. GUO presented that there are a total of 11 functions in C-SMART platform, covering all construction procedures and various aspects, ranging from construction personnel, safety, machinery, logistics and materials etc., as well as monitoring the data on carbon emission and pollution, reaching towards safe, smart and low-carbon construction.

Ir Thomas HO compliments the indemnificatory housing project in Zhangkeng, Longhua district as an international benchmark project, which is worthwhile for Hong Kong industry to inspect and learn from. He encourages Hong Kong and Mainland construction industry for more frequent exchange, instilling new initiatives for building a liveable city.

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