Construction Workers Registration System (CWRS)

Construction Workers Registration System

The CWRS is developed for the implementation of the registration system for construction workers as required by the Construction Workers Registration Ordinance (Cap.583). The new system aims to provide the industry with an automated and convenient platform to collect and manage the daily attendance records (DAR) of workers.

The CWRS is gradually replacing the existing Computerised Registration Management System (CRMS) and its associated Site Attendance Module Programme (SATM) starting from December 2015.


Apply for using the CWRS

For contractors who have never registered in CWRS to submit DAR: Click HERE to apply for a Master Administrator Account
For contractors who have Master Administrator Account to register for a new contract:

Click HERE to login the Master Administrator Account

(select Contract ⇒ Apply for Contract)

To migrate data of existing contracts from the old system to CWRS: Click HERE to apply for data migration (CWRS 1)
To rent CIC Device: Click HERE to download CIC Device Rental Order Form (CWRS 4)
To transfer the rented CIC Device to another contract: Click HERE to download the Transfer Form (CWRS 9)

User Support

To understand the technologies and operation of CWRS: Get Started with CWRS (Video in Cantonese Only)


















































CWRS Brochure

Briefing Session

CWRS User Manual
Tip Card of CIC Device Installation
Introduction Videos

General Function

  • View/Edit Contractor Profile
  • View/Edit Master Admin Account
  • Create/View/Edit Site Admin Account
  • Release Locked Site Admin Account




Contract Management

  • Search Contract
  • Amend Contract End Date
  • Update Information of Contract/Site Representative
  • Apply for a New Contract
  • Check Contract Application Status

Good List Management

  • Check Status of Upload/Download Good List in Device
  • Add/Edit/Remove Workers’ Data
  • Update Good List End Date in Batch
  • Export Good List Information

Daily Attendance Record (DAR) Mobile App

  • Download and Install the App
  • Login and Register Device
  • Add Worker to Good List
  • Collect/Synchronise DAR
  • Screen Lock
  • App Version Update
  • Links of CWRS Instruction Videos

DAR Submission

  • Submit/ Edit/Check DAR
  • Device Synchronising Status
  • Card Tapping Record
  • Download Raw and Submitted DAR
  • Verify DAR
  "Heartbeat" Function
Frequently Asked Questions

Become the CWRS Integrator

For system integrators interested in conducting CWRS integration test: Click HERE to Apply for System Integration (CIAF)
Become an Integrator Notice (As of May 2016)
List of Integrators with Successful Integration Notice (As of February 2017)


January 2017 CWRG Software Release Notes Notice
November 2016 CWRS Early Bird Experience Programme Details
September 2016 Tested Mobile Device List for CWRS Notice
18 December 2015 Launching Ceremony and Briefing Session of the Construction Workers Registration System
November 2015 Ceasing the Support on Storing Worker's Biometric Data the New Construction Workers Registration Card Notice