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About Technically Competent Persons Registration Scheme

About Technically Competent Persons Registration Scheme

1. What is Technically Competent Persons Registration Scheme (TCPRS)?

The Construction Industry Council (CIC), in collaboration with the Buildings Department, established the TCPRS which aims to facilitate the appointment and administration of Technically Competent Persons (TCPs) and Competent Person (Logging).  The TCPRS builds a pool of TCPs and Competent Person (Logging) readily accepted by the Building Authority for the purposes of the Code of Practice for Site Supervision 2009 (Supervision Code) and the Buildings Ordinance (Cap. 123).


2. Who are Technically Competent Persons?

According to the Technical Memorandum for Supervision Plans 2009 (TM), TCP means a person whose academic or professional qualifications or experience of buildings works or street works satisfy the requirements set out in the TM and the Supervision Code for a particular type of site supervision or management tasks.


3. Why should I apply for the TCPRS registration?

The TCPRS runs parallel to the current practices of provision of curriculum vitae (CV) of TCPs and Competent Person (Logging) upon submission of supervision plans for individual projects.  It definitely facilitates the appointment of TCPs and preparation and checking of supervision plans as the authorized person (AP), the registered structural engineer (RSE), the registered geotechnical engineer (RGE) or the authorized signatory of the registered contractor (RC) could simply quote the valid registration no. of the proposed TCPs and Competent Person (Logging) instead of submitting their bulky CV when submitting supervision plans to the Building Authority.  The TCPRS encourages TCPs to enhance their quality, skills and knowledge through attending continuous training and development courses.


4. How many types of TCP category(ies) of registration are provided under the TCPRS?

Applications are open to all five grades of TCPs i.e. T1 to T5 as well as Competent Persons (Logging) in 33 categories under 4 functional streams, namely Authorized Person’s Stream, Registered Structural Engineer’s Stream, Registered Geotechnical Engineer’s Stream and Registered Contractor’s Stream.


5. Can I apply for multiple types of TCP categories under the TCPRS?

You may apply for multiple types of TCP categories under different functional streams in one application according to your own qualifications and relevant working experience.  For those applying for inclusion of higher grade of TCPs will also be processed for inclusion together with the lower grade of TCPs in the corresponding types of works within the same stream.

For example, a person who is eligible for registering AP-T4-BW(G)/FW/BW(O), he/she may also register AP-T3-BW(G)/FW and AP-T3-BW(O) in one go. 


6. What are the TCPRS registration requirements?

The registration requirements are the minimum qualifications and experience as set out in Tables 8.4 to 8.8 of the Supervision Code and Practice Note for Authorized Persons, Registered Structural Engineers and Registered Geotechnical Engineers APP-157.


7. What is ‘relevant working experience’?

‘Relevant working experience’ means such working experience of buildings works or street works relevant to the duties of a TCP of appropriate grade under each stream of supervision.  Unless otherwise specified, the relevant working experience must be gained within the previous 5 years (for T1 & T2) or 8 years (for T3, T4 or T5) before application submitted and at least 1 year must be local experience.  For Competent Person (Logging) registration, applicants can provide their relevant working experience gained over the previous years.  For details, please refer to paragraphs 8.22 to 8.24, and Appendix VII of the Supervision Code and Practice Note for Authorized Persons, Registered Structural Engineers and Registered Geotechnical Engineers APP-157


8. How should I make a TCPRS application?

All applications are submitted through the TCPRS Portal or its mobile application (TCPRS App).  You can create a user account at the TCPRS Portal and then submit applications by providing all necessary information and documentary proof.


9. What information and documents are required for TCPRS application?

Applicants should provide their personal particulars and details of relevant working experience, and submit the documentary proof of the academic and professional qualifications for application as set out in the Supervision Code.  For applicants applying for Competent Person (Logging) registration, they should also provide supporting documents showing that the course content of their degree obtained comprised enough geological based subjects (if they are not a degree holder in geology) and documentary evidence in support of their core logging experience.  For details, please refer to Appendix VII of the Supervision Code.

Upon initial screening of applications, eligible applicants will be invited to make an appointment at one of the CIC Service Centres.  They will have to present their Hong Kong Identity Card and the original/ certified true copy of the submitted documentary proof, take their e-registration card photo and provide a signature sample for their registration.

Applicants should complete the relevant application procedures before the due date specified by the CIC; otherwise, the application will be deemed as withdrawal unless the CIC’s prior approval has been obtained.


10. How long will the registration last?

The validity period for the registration is 5 years.


11. How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee is waived until further notice.


12. If I obtained additional qualifications or relevant working experience, can I register additional category(ies) under the same stream or other stream(s) while holding a valid registration?

Yes, you may apply for additional category(ies) through the TCPRS Portal or TCPRS App with sufficient information/documentary proof(s). 


13. How can I make an appointment at CIC Service Centre?

Eligible applicants will receive an email notification for appointment.  They may make an appointment within 14 days through TCPRS Portal or TCPRS App.  The location and address of the CIC Service Centres are available at the CIC website.


14. How can I check my application status?

You can check the application status via the TCPRS Portal or TCPRS App.


15. How to check whether a person has been registered under the TCPRS?

A list of TCPs registered under the TCPRS (TCP List) is available at the CIC website.  A hyperlink to the CIC website is also available in the BD website.  You may ascertain a TCP's registration by searching his/her particulars such as names, registration no., accepted types of TCP categories and validity period from the TCP List.


16. Is there any registration card for my TCPRS registration?

Registered TCPs may find their e-registration card at the TCPRS App which provides registration details including their name, portrait, registration no., accepted types of TCP categories, validity period, etc.


17. How many Continuous Competence Development (CCD) hours should be obtained during the TCP Registration validity period?

Each registered TCP or Competent Person (Logging) is recommended to obtain a total of 20 CCD hours during each validity period of the registration.  For each year during the 5-year period, the registered TCP or Competent Person (Logging) should undertake at least 2 hours CCD.


18. Can I record my CCD hours through the TCPRS Portal and mobile App?

Registered TCPs and Competent Person (Logging) could store his/her CCD details, including course name, course content, date of course, etc., through the TCPRS Portal and mobile App under ‘My Details’ module.


19. What are the recommended CCD modes?

Eligible modes cover webinars, seminars/conferences, workshops, and technology exhibitions held by trade associations, professional institutions, Government departments and non-governmental organisations. If a registered TCP or Competent Person (Logging) is also a member of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Hong Kong Institute of Architects and / or Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors and undertake the respective Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses, those CPD hours could also be recognised if they could prove their valid memberships.

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