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Construction Industry Council Sponsorship Policy

1. Overview

1.1    The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is an independent statutory body established under Construction Industry Council Ordinance (Cap. 587). It is tasked with functions to forge consensus on long-term strategic issues, convey industry needs and aspirations to the Government, provide professional training and registration services, and serve as a communication channel between the government and the construction industry.

1.2    The CIC Sponsorship Policy (the Policy) is outlined to govern the CIC in the administration of submissions from external parties and entities requesting support from the CIC as Supporting Organisation/Co-organiser.

1.3    The main purpose of providing the sponsorship is to support projects/ activities aimed at improving the quality, productivity, safety and sustainability of the local construction industry or construction works.

2. Eligibility

2.1    Non-profit making professional bodies, trade and industrial organisations, and educational institutes established under the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region are eligible to apply financial or non-financial support from the CIC. Applicants from organisations not registered in Hong Kong will be granted with title support only

2.2    Under no circumstance would an organisation or an activity with direct connection to political, religious or commercial bodies be supported by the CIC.

2.3    It is desired that the proposed project will share the same vision of the CIC for the development of the construction industry. Activities eligible for support may include, but not limited to, construction related award scheme, competition, conference, seminar, workshop, exhibition, promotional campaign, training, supporting service or facilities for the industry.

3. Categories of Sponsorship

3.1    There are two categories: namely "Industry Excellence” Event and “CIC Theme of the Year” Event. The “CIC Theme of the Year” in 2023 will be “Construction Sustainability”.

3.2    For the “Industry Excellence Event” Category, the sponsorship is favourably provided to projects/events that could establish a genuine link with the construction industry and exude a strong commitment to the improvements on the quality, safety and productivity of construction works.

3.3  In regard to the “Construction Sustainability” Category in 2023 as the theme of the year, the sponsorship is favourably provided to new initiatives that could promote the sustainable development of the construction industry.

4. Types of Support/Sponsorship

4.1    As the CIC is the only statutory body within the construction industry, the CIC should be recognised according to the standard set for governmental entity. In general, the CIC should be recognised as an important “Supporting Organisation” or “Co-organiser” in its supporting events, and its logo should be placed next to Bureaux of the Government of HKSAR in publicity materials. With the aim to adopt the required entitlement and positioning of CIC, applicants will be requested to submit a “Recognition Plan” in the application form which will be considered as part of the vetting criteria.

4.2    The CIC is the statutory body representing the construction industry, similar in status to Bureaux of the government. It should not only be recognised according to the amount of financial sponsorship set for commercial entities.

4.3    In general, CIC can be recognised as:-

Sponsorship Title


Supporting Organisation (支持機構)

  1. The amount of sponsorship is less than one-third of the event budget (total cost – total income); or
  2. No financial support required; and
  3. CIC has no management participation.


  1. The amount of sponsorship is one-third or more of the event budget; and
  2. CIC has no management participation.

4.4    The budget set for the sponsorship each year is HK$ 1.5 million, with a breakdown of HK$ 1 million for the “Industry Excellence Event” Category, and the remaining HK$ 500,000 for the “CIC Theme of the Year” Category.

4.5    As a general rule, all types of support/sponsorship shall not impede the normal office operation of the CIC. Applicant could choose one or more form of the following support, subject to the final decision by the CIC.

4.6    Financial Support:
         (a) In general, no more than HK$50,000 will be granted for each organisation from each category each year.             

Supporting Level

Amount (HK$)

Level 1 Below $25,000
Level 2 Above $25,000

*The starting point of the sponsorship amounts are opened for discussion by the vetting panel members.

4.7    Non-financial Support



(a) Space Provisions Provision of the CIC’s premises for the applicant to hold the proposed activity
(b) Technical Assistance Support in the form of management, technical advices or training provided by the CIC
(c) Marketing Opportunities Exposure of the logo of the applicant or project name in the CIC’s promotional materials
(d) Use of the CIC’s logo and name Use of the CIC’s logo and name in the applicant’s promotional materials

4.8    In return, the applicant shall provide the acknowledgements to the CIC as shown as below.

Types of Support

Acknowledgements for the CIC

Financial Support – Level 1

  1. Exposure of the CIC’s logo on the promotional materials of the proposed project
  2. Advertising opportunities (e.g. website, banner, printed advertisement, etc)
Financial Support – Level 2
  1. Exhibition booth/ table to display the CIC’s promotional materials
  2. Complimentary entry passes of the proposed event
  3. Consider CIC’s representative(s) as speaker(s) of the proposed event
  4. Benefits listed in Level 1
Non-financial / Title Support
  1. Exposure of the CIC’s logo on the promotional materials of the proposed project
  2. Advertising opportunities (e.g. website, banner, printed advertisement, etc)

4.9    Prior approval is required by the CIC for all promotional material with the CIC’s logo/ name before implementation.

5. Assessment Criteria

5.1    A vetting panel comprising a CIC Council Member as the panel chairman, the Executive Director of the CIC, a representative each from the Development Bureau and the CIC Corporate Communications Department will review and evaluate all submissions.

5.2    All submissions will be reviewed and evaluated based on the following assessment criteria:
         (a) Quality
              Effectiveness in addressing the safety performance, challenges and needs of the local construction industry

         (b) Productivity
              Capabilities to facilitate higher levels of productivity of construction works in a more efficient and cost-effective manner

         (c) Impact
              Ability to engage large number of construction related organisations, construction workers and practitioners across various trades in the proposed project

         (d) Sustainability
              Commitment to foster the long-term development of the construction industry on different aspects including technological breakthrough, environmentally-friendliness and innovation development in Hong Kong

5.3    The above assessment criteria are for general guidance only. The CIC vetting panel reserves the right of final decision.

6. Conditions for Successful Applicants

6.1    The sponsored/ supported project must be carried out and completed within one year upon the notification of successful application unless agreed by the CIC.

6.2    All promotional materials (including music, picture, written, audio and visual materials) in relation to the sponsored projects shall not infringe copyrights or intellectual property rights of any third parties.

6.3    Successful applicants shall seek the CIC’s prior approval in writing to any proposed change(s) to the approved project and provide justifications for such change(s). The CIC is entitled to withdraw its support if the supported activity deviates from its original objective after such change(s).

6.4    The successful applicant is required to submit a project report including the project outcome, evaluation and actual expenditure incurred within two months after the completion of the supported project to the CIC by e-mail or post.

7. Rights of the CIC

7.1    The CIC does not accept any responsibilities for any loss, claims, demands or liabilities arising from the supported project/events. The organiser shall ensure the provision of any necessary public liability insurance for the project/events concerned.

7.2    The CIC reserves the right to withdraw from being a Co-organiser/ Supporting Organisation when the applicant fails to comply with the CIC ‘s sponsorship policy, all applicable laws, regulations, rules, ordinances and regulations of all government agencies and regulatory bodies in Hong Kong.

7.3    The CIC has the right to disclose, without further reference to the applicant, whenever it considers appropriate, any information in relation to the applicant’s application.

8. Application Procedure

8.1    There will be two windows for the application each year:

Application Deadline

Proposed Project Period

1 October For projects to be implemented from 1 January to 31 December of the following year
1 April For projects to be implemented in the rest of the current year

8.2    Interested applicants should submit the following documents/information:

         (a) A duly completed application form – “Sponsorship Application Form”;

         (b) A photocopy of the applicant’s Certificate of Incorporation / Certificate of Registration as a Society or other official documents to prove that the applicant is registered under the laws of Hong Kong;

         (c) A project proposal stating the objective, background, implementation plan and timeline, estimated cost, recognition plan, target group and evaluation plan;

         (d) Letter(s) of other supporting organisations and promotional materials of the proposed project (if applicable)

8.3    Application should be made by post, by email or in person to the CIC Corporate Communications Department:

         CIC Corporate Communications Department
         Construction Industry Council Headquarters
         38/F, COS Centre, 56 Tsun Yip Street,Kwun Tong,Kowloon
         Tel: 2100 9000
         Fax: 2100 9090

        For further enquiry relating to the application, please contact the CIC at 2100 9000 or email at

8.4    All submission will be reviewed and evaluated on a half year basis. The CIC will normally notify the applicant in writing of the assessment results by the end of May and by the end of November each year.

8.5    The CIC reserves the right for all final decisions in relation to the sponsorship policy and the application, and to make any changes at its sole and absolute discretion without prior notice.

Download Financial Sponsorship Application Form
Download Non-financial Sponsorship Application Form

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