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Construction Industry Anti-Heat Stress Uniform

The 2nd Generation of Construction Industry Anti-Heat Stress Uniform is Officially Launched

The CIC has been taking a leading role in fostering a caring and safety culture in the construction industry. Over the years, the CIC partnered with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (“Poly U”), to develop the Anti-Heat Stress Uniform (“AHSU”) with a view to enhancing construction workers' comfort and safety at work. Since September 2019, contractors can purchase the AHSU designed by the PolyU through the CIC’s approved supplier(s). In May 2020, the second generation of AHSU has been officially launched. While the new design still adopts the COOLMAX® fabric and moisture-management textiles made from nano-materials, the safety is enhanced with the extended coverage of retro-reflective strips. We encourage a wider adoption among the industry.

The 2nd Generation of Anti-heat Stress Uniform Leaflet - Full Version DOWNLOAD

AHSU made from COOLMAX® fabric and the moisture-management textiles made from nano-materials includes the following advantages:

  • Better breathability
  • Speed up sweat evaporation
  • Better UV protection
  • Lighter and thinner
  • Help construction workers to reduce heat and humidity stress at work

If you would like to purchase the CI Anti-Heat Stress Uniform, please refer to the following documents:

The following uniform supplier(s) had fulfilled the testing requirements and had signed the Sub-License Agreement with CIC:

    • Angie International Limited (also the awarded vendor for Tender of Supply and Delivery of HKIC Student Uniform)    Contact: 2777 7623 (Mr. TANG/ Mr. FONG)
    • Dopafrey Corporation Limited    Contact: 2601 0321 (Mr. WAI)
    • iGift Company Limited Contact: 2360 1900 (Ms. SIU)
    • K & S Uniform Company Limited    Contact: 2386 1086 (Mr. YIP)
    • MASI Uniform Company Limited    Contact: 3953 1355 (Mr. TSANG)
    • Mavis International Ltd    Contact: 2396 4556 (Ms. KUNG)
    • MM Garment Limited    Contact: 2477 8623 (Mr. WONG)
    • Unipro Group Company Ltd    Contact: 2551 8368 (Mr. YEUNG)
    • 101 Uniform Company Limited    Contact: 2810 0388 (Ms. YIP)

If you are interested in manufacturing the CI Anti-Heat Stress uniform, the CIC may grant a sub-license related to the anti-heat stress work-wear technology according to the main agreement entered between CIC and PolyU. Further details on the sub-license can be obtained from CIC at Tel: 2100 9000 or E- mail: [email protected].

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